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Setting up Price Lists
Setting up Price Lists
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To set up Price Lists you must first activate them under your Settings page:

Once activated, you will find a Price Lists tab also under your Account Settings. Navigate here to create your global price lists.

You can create one or many Pricing lists. Pricing can relate to the attributes of a Property, such as number of bedrooms, furnishing level, and the type of Inspection.

For example, you might have slightly different prices for a 3 Bedroom House that is Furnished, than for a 3 Bedroom House that is Unfurnished. In this case, you would set up two Labels:

Click Add New Price List and a box will appear asking to name the Label. We suggest, for example, "3 Bedroom House Unfurnished". You can edit the other options like setting the Property Type to House and the number of Bedrooms to 2. This will allow Property Inspect to automatically select the price when creating a Inspection for this type of property.

Click Create price list to enter pricing for each type of report and click save to store pricing.

At any time if you want to update any of the prices, just click on the price and it will become editable.

Need more advanced billing options? We have them. Contact support to discuss. 

You can now create a second price list, for example "3 Bedroom House Furnished", and repeat the same options, this time changing the property type to Fully Furnished.  

Repeat these steps for all the pricing structures you use.

When creating a Inspection, the Inspection Details page (step two) will show an additional field called Price (£), which may be automatically selected from your Price Lists. You can also choose to override the price here by clicking on the £ button to the right and selecting another Price List or typing your own one-off price.

Clients will see the quoted Total in their Inspection Details view. Your inspectors however will not be able to see any pricing.

If you want to set different pricing for specific Clients, navigate to the Clients list and select the Client in question. You'll see a new tab appear in the Client Details window called Price Lists. Here you can override the default pricing you set up previously, which will automatically be applied to all future Inspections for that Client.

If you turn on Invoices along with Price Lists, we'll generate a simple invoice for you to send to your clients from the applied pricing.

Using Cloud Accounting Software? We might be able to send your invoices there. Contact Support to discuss.

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