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Understanding the Report Workflow
Understanding the Report Workflow
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The Report Workflow is the central component of Property Inspect, providing a structured way of completing reports and tracking their progress through to delivery and beyond.


Inspection has been added to the system with a proposed time, but has not yet been assigned to an inspector.


Inspection has been scheduled and assigned to an inspector. It is now accessible for the assigned inspector to fetch down to their mobile App.


Inspection has been started and is either in progress on the inspector's App or is still being edited online.


If a Typist / Editor is assigned to transcribe uploaded audio dictations then the inspector will see ‘Submit for Processing’, allowing the Typist to access.


You may choose for specific inspectors to require all reports go through a Management Review stage, before being published or shared for online viewing. 


The report write up is finished and the final report is accessible online and as PDF. The report can be commented on (if enabled) and signed online. It can also be reopened for further amendments.


The report is locked and finalised, no further changes can be made and signatures cannot be removed or added.


The Inspection was cancelled and no report was created.

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