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About the Property Inspect App
About the Property Inspect App

The "App" is the mobile companion to the Property Inspect platform allowing you to complete reports in the field.

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The Property Inspect app is primarily used for completing reports using a smartphone or tablet device while on-site at the property or location you're reporting on. 

Once reports are Fetched (downloaded) then they will be available to amend and complete offline without the need for an Internet connection.

The app is available on the two major operating systems:

If you're reading this on an iOS or Android device, tap the links above to jump to the app installation page. 

Otherwise, you can download the app by searching for "Property Inspect" in your device's App Store (named Google Play on Android). 

You will not need a considerable amount of storage space on your device, as Property Inspect only takes up room on your device for reports in progress, and you can delete back up copies of photos from your device's Gallery/Camera Roll. 

We do, however, recommend devices younger than 3 years old. Devices older than this tend to go through several major operating system updates which are known to be more demanding on device's, and general wear and tear, on tablets especially. These can lead to performance issues with the app. 

Important: Property Inspect 6.0.15 is the latest version of the app containing the most up to date technologies and features. As such, it is not recommended for devices older than 5 years or budget devices under £100. 

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