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Working from recorded audio dictations
Working from recorded audio dictations

Dictated reports and recorded audio notes can be transcribed right in Property Inspect's online report editor with built in audio playback.

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Looking for guidance using internal or external Transcription? See Using the Transcription Service

Property Inspect provides seamless audio playback tools for transcribing your dictated audio recordings into a completed, typed report using Property Inspect's online report editor.

If you wish to make use of Property Inspect to transcribe your own reports in-house, this feature is for you.

Using the fixed Audio Player shown at the bottom of the report editor window, you can skip, step and navigate through your rooms and audio recordings while typing up your report.

When the end of the audio for the current room has been reached, you'll automatically be scrolled down to the next room/section, so you can effortlessly continue to type away without the need for your mouse.

Integrating with your Keyboard's Media Buttons 

If you're using Google Chrome, you can install the Property Inspect Media Keys extension to control audio playback with your keyboard's play, pause, rewind and skip forward buttons. 

Integrating with your Foot Pedals

If you have Foot Pedals connected to your computer, like the VEC Infinity USB Pedals, you can make them work with Property Inspect for controlling audio playback while transcribing reports. 

Read more about Setting up Foot Pedals for Audio Playback

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