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Copying Photos from a Previous Report
Copying Photos from a Previous Report

Learn how to include photos from a previous report into your new inspection.

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With our latest update, you can now choose to include the previous report's images when creating your new inspection.

Click on "Add New Inspection" >

If you are creating a new report and you would like to retain existing photos from the inspection before, click on the Uploads tab along the top.

Then hit the 'Copy From Previous Inspection' button. This will pull through all the previous photos.

The photos will retain their assignments. You can also click on a photo to access options including room/item assignment, photo caption/description, 360 option and marking as the cover photo. 

Alternatively you can reassign (or delete) photos in bulk to/from specific rooms or items by ticking the checkbox in the upper left corner of each photo and clicking Assign selected. 

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