Merging multiple reports together
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If you need to merge two or more reports, you can do that from the Template dropdown menu while editing an active inspection. 

This is a useful feature for those wanting to split up large properties into 2 or more inspections assigned to different people, or if you want to merge information from a standalone Check In document into your inventory report. 

To merge information from another report, scroll to the bottom of the report editor for the report you're working on now:

Tap on Template > Load from > Inspection. A list of other inspections from this property will appear:

Choose the inspection you'd like to copy the report from (tap on the record). 

Next, you'll choose how to import this report. If you're merging reports together, you'll want to select the Append option. If you want to copy the photos assigned to the rooms and items in that report, tick the Copy Photos box. 

Once you press the green Import button to confirm, all the data will be copied across. 

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