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Updating User Availability
Updating User Availability
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If your package comes with Team Availability, you'll be able to set default working periods for team members / clerks as well as black-out holiday periods.

This will reflect on your calendars and when scheduling inspections to see when certain people aren't available to complete property visits.

To block out whole days, click on the 'Anytime' row for a given day or click on a day within the Month view. To block out individual times within Week or Day views, simply click on the timeslot.

You can block out multiple hours by clicking your mouse and dragging down to the end time.

On the month view, you can also block out multiple days by clicking the first day and dragging to the last day.

You can enable individual team members to manage their own availability and holiday periods via their profile by enabling 'Edit Availability' on the Edit User page. See Editing user details and permissions.

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