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A Guide for Tenants Completing a Report on the App
A Guide for Tenants Completing a Report on the App
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The app is available on the two major operating systems:

If you're reading this on an iOS or Android device, tap the links above to jump to the app installation page. 

Otherwise, you can download the app by searching for "Property Inspect" in your device's App Store (named Google Play on Android). 

Once you've installed the app, login use your email address and the password sent to you to sign in. 

Upon logging in for the first time, you'll see a brief tutorial showing you through the various screens of the app. Press 'Dismiss' to swipe through the tutorial screens, and swipe down when finished

You'll now be presented with your empty inspections list. 

Swipe down or tap 'Fetch' on the upper right to download the report. Highlight the report by tapping on it and select Done.

You'll need an Internet connection to download the report, but once the report is downloaded you can continue offline until you want to upload it, where we recommend a strong WIFI connection, especially if you're syncing lots of photos.

Starting the Report

To begin, tap on the address of the property. 

When you are ready to begin the report, tap Start Report. Confirm that the report status will update to Active

If there is no existing cover photo, tap on the Camera button to take a photo of the front of the property or the entrance to the property.

When you're ready to begin editing the report, tap on the 'Edit Report' button. The first page you'll see is a list of rooms. 

Click on a section name and then on each field to complete your observations. 

Read this guide here on what information to input for each section. 

Once you've completed your report, tap 'Preview' on the top right of the rooms list to navigate to the report preview page. 

If you are happy with your report, on this page you'll see an option to Complete the report on the top right. Tap this to mark the report completed. 

Once you have marked it as Complete, you will now see the option to Sync on Inspection Info screen. Click here only if you have a stable WiFi connection to sync the report. 

Property Inspect will automatically detect your Internet connection and advise if there's a problem, otherwise once confirmed you'll see the Sync Progress screen appear which should start uploading your report data. 

Once the upload is successful, the status bar will turn green and tapping Done will safely remove the report from your device. 

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