Mobile App: Unable to Sync

Fixing the most common issues with customer who are unable to sync their reports.

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Unable to Sync

No Internet

Check you can load a website in the device's browser, if you can load it without any issues please contact us and we will fix this quickly. If you are unable to load the 'test' website, please wait till you have a stable internet connection before attempting a sign-in again.

Previous Unclosed Inspection

You may have a previous inspection you completed that is still open on your device. To remedy this please go to the property via the 'Properties' page on the website and find any previous inspections that are still open, active or in review, and complete it before attempting to sync again.

Not Assigned to Inspection

If this issue arises, check the web dashboard to see who the assigned clerk, and the status of the inspection. This problem may occur because the Inspection is not assigned.

Not in an Editable State

The inspection may not be in an editable state because it has been marked for review, completed or closed prematurely. To fix this, please click re-open inspection on the Property Inspect website.

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