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First launched in 2007, InventoryBase has now become a market-leader & the most popular property platform in the U.K. Headquartered in Portsmouth with an in-house developer & sales team helps keep our software always running smoothly, and our customers questions answered efficiently.

Adopted by industry leading companies with thousands of users across the UK, InventoryBase is Radweb’s most advanced and most popular product available to the mass market.

Inventory Clerk Training at InventoryBase Academy

Launched in 2019, to help facilitate the training and knowledge required to become a professional inventory clerk, InventoryBase Academy provides CPD accredited courses and continuous professional development opportunities for property inventory clerks, assessors and property managers. Recently passing the 1,000 completed courses milestone, it has been an instant hit in the U.K. The training and free resources the academy provides an ever expanding knowledge-base that contributes to the economic growth and productivity of the residential sector.With ongoing support and guidance; the training is applicable whether you are just starting out, are an experienced provider, or a property management professional looking to develop and enhance your knowledge base. Instant access and freedom of use of resources, InventoryBase Academy supports individuals to learn at their own pace and time; build long term relationships with clients and staff and establish your expertise in the property industry.

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