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Assign inspections to 'First To Accept' which allows Property Inspect to give all available inspectors the chance to accept jobs quickly.

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Key Features: by selecting 'First to Accept', Property Inspect will send out the job to all your available inspectors, the first to accept, 'wins' it, thus speeding up the booking process.

Key Benefits: Building inspectors are incentivised to respond quickly to bookings, full transparency on the jobs that have been accepted and confirmed, and shortfalls in cover quickly identified and managed.

Please contact Support to switch this feature on for your account.

During busier periods, Property Inspect have created a feature to simplify assigning an inspector to an inspection.

To use this new feature, add an inspection as normal, selecting the Inspection Type, Date and Time as usual. From the Inspector dropdown menu, click First to Accept:

By selecting 'First to Accept', Property Inspect will smartly send out the inspection to all available inspectors, and the first to accept, 'wins' it.

Property Inspect will automatically send out the inspection to all inspectors. Each will have a chance to accept or decline the inspection. Once an inspector accepts, the job will proceed as normal.

If there are no inspectors available, Property Inspect will notify you. In this scenario, you can re-arrange the appointment.

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If any changes are made to the conduct date/time, or the inspection type is changed, Property Inspect will then repeat the procedure to find a recommended inspector again.

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