Copying a Report Structure

Learn how to use only the structure of a previous report when creating a new inspection.

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Key Features: with easy-to-use drop down option, select either a preset template, bespoke report or continue from a previous template with only the structure to copy over into the report or create a whole new template.

Key Benefits: save time by creating templates from existing reports, speed up your workflows and provide users with the flexibility to customise templates without compromising on quality.

Please contact our Support team if you'd like to enable this feature on your account.

From your desktop dashboard, create a new inspection for your chosen property.

Under 'Template', click on the drop down arrow:

Select 'Continue from previous report (structure only)':

Once selected, complete the remaining fields of information and create the new inspection.

The template on your new inspection will only pull the previous reports' structure; it will not pull the actions, answers or attachments.

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