Job Sheets

Remind yourself or the rest of your team of the assignments that need to be completed with a next-day overview.

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There may be times when the workload piles up so much that you or your clerks can lose track of what needs to be completed.

Property Inspect gives you the option to send your inspector(s) / clerk(s) a list of their next day's assignments. If you'd like to also keep the account holder up to date with the workload, you also have the option to send a daily overview of the next day's assignments to the account holder.

On your web dashboard, navigate to your Settings tab > General settings:

Scroll down to the Inspection Settings:

Enabling the Job Sheets feature will send your inspector/clerk a list of their workload for the next day.

Here is a sample of the job sheet that will be sent to the clerk(s) the day before:

Enable the Daily Overview to send a list of the next day's assignments to the account holder. The list will be in the same format as above, including the clerk who is assigned to the job.

Change the Job Sheet mail-out time:

You now have the option to change the time job sheets are sent out to your team members.

Navigate to your Settings tab > under General settings, scroll down to Job Sheets:

The send out time is set by default to 18:00, but you can now scroll through the time drop down and choose a specific time that you would like to send out the next day's jobs to your team members.

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