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Signature Reminders

Choose to send out automatic signature reminders to the contacts that are marked as 'Signee'.

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Our new and improved signature reminder feature now gives you the choice to send more than one signature reminder to your contacts.

To learn how to mark a contact as a 'Signee', read our blog on how to adding contacts and recipients to an inspection.

Start off by navigating to the Settings tab at the top of your online dashboard:

Under General Settings, scroll down to 'Send Signee Reminder':

From the dropdown menu, select the desired time(s) you would like to send the reminder:

You now have the option to choose the interval of days that you want a reminder to be sent out. This will send out a reminder after the intervals that are set:

  • if one email reminder is selected, the email will be titled 'Reminder'.

  • if two or more email reminders are selected, the last email in the sequence will be titled 'Final Reminder'.

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