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Photo Annotations

Easily add identification markings to your images, such as a circle or square, to help identify issues for your inspection report.

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Our new Photo Annotation feature is currently only accessible via the online dashboard > it will be released and available on the app in the near future.

  1. On your online dashboard, navigate to the inspection you need to work on. Via the Uploads tab (or when you are editing the report), click on an image you would like to annotate on:

  2. You will then open up the Photo Editor > start off by clicking on the icon you want to apply, i.e., circle, square or an arrow:

  3. Once you click on one of the icons, it will appear on the image. Use the cursors to enlarge, drag around, etc.

    • Stroke: change the outline colour of the icon

    • Fill: fill the entire icon with a specific colour

    • Selection: enable the icon again to increase/decrease size, position

    • History: undo/redo an icon, stroke, fill, etc.

    • Zoom: enlarge the photo to place the icon in a specific area

    • Reset: remove all edits

Once you add annotations to an image, the system will hide the original image on the report and will resize the resolution of the image.

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