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App Geo-Tracking
App Geo-Tracking

Reports can now be geotagged when they are either started, completed and/or signed on the Property Inspect app.

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Our new Geo-Tracking feature allows the app to track the location of the device at various points while completing a report, providing exact location points of the activity on an inspection. This can assist as additional evidence for any potential disputes on an inspection.

Please Note: Ensure that Location Services on your device is enabled - if Location Services on the device is not enabled, you will not be able to use the geo-tracking feature.

  1. Create and Fetch the inspection to your Property Inspect app. Once you click on Start Report, you will need to give the app permission to track your location.

    Click on Allow While Using App

2. Conduct your inspection at the property and once you done, click on the Preview option on the report and then mark the inspection as Complete on the app. You will be able to add Signatures to the report.

Once all relevant information has been added, you will need to sync the report to your online dashboard.

3. Once you have successfully synced your inspection, navigate to the inspection's info page on your dashboard > click on the Events tab for this inspection.

Here you will see both the list of events of the inspection, and the map of the area that the property is located in.

4. If you click on any of the events, it will pin-point the exact location on the map as well as give you the exact date and time of the event.

Geo-tracking events will only appear under the Events tab when enabled for a specific inspection/report.

It does not list the geo-tracked events for a tenancy lifecycle of the property.

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