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Configure Material and Labor Pricelists
Configure Material and Labor Pricelists

Upload a list of material and labor costs associated with repairs to Property Inspect for easy reference while conducting inspections.

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Property Inspect allow you to upload a list of materials or labour costs associated with cleaning, repairs or maintenance in the software for easy reference and costing while conducting inspections on site.

Not only will the materials pricelist standardise costs across the board, but it will also save time on-site and post-production to allow you to provide stakeholders with quotes or costs a lot faster.

The asset/ materials pricelists is available for all enterprise customers, should you want it added to your account, please reach out to for additional information and guidance.

How it Works

Here's a quick overview of how to add a predefined costs to an inspection being conducted on site.

  • Click on the yield or triangle to flag an action as normal.

  • Select the action type and responsibility.

  • Select the Browse button in order to choose a cost from the predefined list of costs.

The cost will be included in the cost column and auto summed based on the report settings for the inspection type. For more guidance on configuring the report settings, click here.

How to Configure the Pricelist

Navigate to Settings >> Asset Library.

Add a new category by clicking on the 3 dots located next to Categories.

Insert the name of the category and save to continue.

Click on the newly added category, followed by the 3 dots in the middle column of screen to add assets associated with the category.

Provide a label, code, cost and unit of measurement for the asset.

Save to Continue.

Import from a CSV List

You have the ability to import a list of costs as follows:

Include the following headings or download the sample sheet Download assetlibrary.csv:

  • Category Label

  • Term Label

  • Code

  • Cost (to be loaded in cent, i.e. 500 = $5)

  • Unit of Measurement

Select the 3 dots next to the categories option within the asset library settings and select Import from CSV.

The Asset library Importer allows you to create or update an existing list by simply choosing your csv sheet.

Select confirm to upload the list.

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