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How to Add a Section/Room on the App
How to Add a Section/Room on the App

Add new or additional sections to your inspection on site, while conducting your inspection offline on the Property Inspect App.

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An additional section can be added to an inspection on site by clicking on the blue + icon located at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Select the “Add room” option from the list of options:

A list of Section Types will be presented onscreen as follows:

With the most common options as follows:

  • The Detailed section will provide you with 3 column

  • The Schedule of Condition Template Section will provide you with 2 simple columns

  • The Simplified section provides a simplified way of asking a series of questions:

  • E.g. is the inspected item, clean, undamaged and working (yes, no, not applicable.)

  • The Question section answers a single question. Choose an option set from the dropdown menu.

Once you have selected the section option, you will need to give the section/ room a name, e.g. Bedroom 2:

Follow the same procedure of clicking on the blue plus icon, within the section in order to add items to the section.

How to Reorder the Sections

You also have the ability to reorder the room. To get started navigate to the list of sections or rooms within the app.

Click on one of the sections and hold the key. A menu as follows will be displayed on screen:

  • Rename Room

  • Copy Room

  • Reorder Rooms

  • Delete Room

Click and drag the sections on the screen using the 3 horizontal bars provided on the righthand side of the screen.

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