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Text Styling in Reports: Bold and Italics Options
Text Styling in Reports: Bold and Italics Options

Uncover the ease of incorporating bold and italics as we guide you through the steps to elevate your report presentation.

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Enhance your inspection reports by strategically using bold or italic formatting to emphasize crucial details and improve overall readability. This simple yet effective technique helps communicate key information clearly and adds a professional touch to your reports.

โœ๏ธ How to add bold / italics words or sentences while working on the report editor:

Navigate to the inspection on your online dashboard > click on Edit Report. Once you click on the text box, you will see the 'B' (Bold) or 'I' (Italics) appear above the box:

Select the text / word that you want to embolden or italicize, and then press of the respective 'B' or 'I'.

Bold: add * to either side of the text. (Asterix)

Example: *Green House*

Green House

Italics: add _ to each side of the text. (Underscore)

Example: _Green House_

Green House

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