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Heads-Up Report

Configure your settings to send selected sections/rooms from your main report to your Client during the report lifecycle or when Complete.

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This feature enables users to customise settings to send specific sections or rooms from their main report to clients either during the report lifecycle or upon completion. This tailored approach enhances communication efficiency, ensuring clients receive relevant information promptly, streamlining collaboration and facilitating a more targeted and responsive reporting process.

Our latest update includes the 'Heads-Up Report' as an inspection type, which allows you to customise it's report settings and see this report type within your dashboard overview table.

  1. Navigate to your Settings tab on your inspection:

2. Scroll down to Heads-Up Reports and toggle On to enable the feature:

3. Choose from the dropdown list for the specific time you want the Heads-Up report to be sent out to the Client:

4. You will also need to specify exactly which sections/rooms from the report you want to be included in the Heads-Up report - type in each room/section that you want to be included.

πŸ’‘ The text box is not case sensitive, i.e., any uppercase or lowercase character can be entered.

✏️ Example of one section sent out in the Heads-Up report:

Name of the section/room entered in the Room Name box:

Heads-Up report with the specified section/room:

πŸ’‘ 'Heads-Up Report' Inspection Type & Report Settings

You can customise the report layout of the Heads-Up report. Click on Settings >> Reports >> choose the 'Heads-Up Report' from the dropdown list and you will be able to set your specific report settings for this inspection type.

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