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How to Save and Access a Weekly Analytic Report
How to Save and Access a Weekly Analytic Report

Save a weekly report with relative values for quick access and distribution.

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Our Analytics Dashboard gives you the ability to consolidate specific data regarding your Inspections, Team members and/or Clients, allowing you to generate a report based on your desired data.

Click here for an overview and introduction to our Analytics Dashboards.


The purpose of this guide is to demonstrate how to save an inspection query for the previous week and how to access to the report for quick reference.

Navigate to Inspections > Analytics > Inspections tab in order to access the Inspections Analytics Dashboard.

In the lefthand sidebar, you have the ability to choose the report criteria, including the dates, inspection types and state.

Relative Date Options

In order to set your data dynamically, i.e. set the dates for last week, regardless of what the physical date is, choose the Relative Date option.

  • Start by selecting the relative date option,

  • Choose the Weekly Offset option for a weekly selection,

  • Drag the brag from Zero to -1 for last week. (+1 would be next week.)

Finalise the requirements for the rest of the report. For example, if you only want to see completed and closed report, choose these options from the inspection state sidebar option.

Once you have your inspection criteria defined, click on the Run Query button.

The system will return all reports as per your input criteria.

Save the Report for Easy Access

With the parameters defined and report returned, go ahead and save the report for easy access in the future.

The top right-hand corner of the page will provide you with a Save as Report option.

A pop-window will give you the opportunity to save the report.

All save reports will be accessible from the Saved Reports Tab.

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