If you have Foot Pedals connected to your computer, like the VEC Infinity USB Pedals, you can make them work with Property Inspect for controlling audio playback while transcribing reports. 

To setup your foot pedals:

  1. Ensure the USB Foot Pedals are connected and recognised by your computer 

  2. Install this Media Keys extension 

  3. Install the Pedable application which will allow you to configure your foot pedals 

  4. Follow the instructions in the Media Keys Extension guide that opens once installed, to map the foot pedal keys within Pedable to the following:

Your foot pedals should now control audio playback from Property Inspects's online report editor. 

If you are using another brand of foot pedal, you will need to use an application that allows you to map the pedals to a specific key combination as shown above (i.e. CTRL+Shift+9 for Play/Pause). 

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