Completing a Report
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Once you’ve finished entering all the data for your report, click Mark Complete above on the right. (Your button might say Submit for Review if your Manager has enabled this.

The tabs will now disappear and you’ll see the option to View Report. Click View Report to see your final report online, via a private URL:

You can choose to save the report as PDF, which will page the report nicely, appending header & footers. Use the PDF to print or attach to an email.

Alternatively, you can send someone the URL of the online report by clicking Share, and entering their email address(es). The the report will be sent to the assigned client automatically (unless email notifications are turned off for the client).

Click Close to return to the Property Inspect console.

Note: The next time you start a new report for this property, all rooms, items and conditions from this report will be pulled through to update or amend as necessary, making Move Ins, Move Outs and Interim Inspections faster and more efficient.

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