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Editing user details and permissions
Editing user details and permissions
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To edit an existing team member's profile information, click Team from the top menu and click on the team member you want to edit.

You'll see a blue Edit User link in the upper right corner of their profile page. Click this to bring up the Edit User fields.

Simply change any information in the relevant fields and click Save User when you're done.

If you wish to reset a user's password, click the Issue New Password button and we'll automatically generate a new password and email it to them.

You can also update the user's role from Clerk to Manager or switch them to a Typist role.

  • Manager - Access all areas of the system including settings and other users

  • Clerk - Access only reports that are assigned to them with granular permissions to do other things

  • Typists - Access only reports that are assigned to them and in the 'Processing' stage

For Clerks and Typists, you can set more granular permissions:

  • Edit Availability* - Enable user to modify their own availability calendar and holiday/black-out periods

  • Accept Inspections - Require user to login and accept or decline the assignment

  • Create Inspection - Allow user to create their own inspections

  • Submit for Review - Require user to submit for management review before publishing reports

  • Manage Own Inspections - Allow user to re-open, close and edit inspections

  • Reviews Own Transcription - Send typed/processed reports back to original clerk to review

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