Below are publicly available integrations that users can connect themselves:


Sync your Property Inspect appointments with your favorite calendar application, either by importing it as an Internet calendar, or if you’re using Google Calendars, authenticating your Google account with Property Inspect.

Internet Calendars are supported well on Microsoft Outlook, Apple/iOS Calendar, and any calendar application that supports iCal.

Accounting Software

If you’re billing clients using Property Inspect’s custom pricelist and invoicing module then you can connect your company’s accounting login to automatically create invoices when reports are completed.

Property Inspect currently supports Xero and Clearbooks for automated sync, or you can export CSV files to import into another accounting application.

Property Management

Property Inspect integrates with a number of third property management applications to synchronise calendars for inventory and inspection appointments, and automatically upload completed reports and actions for filing against the property.

Utilising Property Inspect’s Actions facility allows users to transfer issues to their own issue tracking system such as Fixflo to allocate to contractors and resolve.

Document Storage

Synchronise reports completed in Property Inspect with third party cloud storage applications such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Automatically save professional PDFs right to your cloud drive as soon as reports are marked complete for sharing and back-ups.


Using IFTTT services like Zapier opens Property Inspect up to hundreds of creative integrations, such as third party spreadsheet and collaboration applications.

Sign up to Zapier and request an invite to the Property Inspect App to get started.


Got a question about integrations or want to add your application to the list? We have public Developer API Documentation so you can get started with your own developers, or contact us to discuss.

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