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Resizing Images for Faster Upload
Resizing Images for Faster Upload

This article only applies to users manually uploading photos using the online portal (not the App).

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Property Inspect converts your images on the fly suitable for web viewing and printing in reports. It only does this, however, once it has received your images. How long they take to upload depends on the speed of your Broadband.

Resizing your images first is particularly useful if you have a large number of photos to upload which are taken directly from camera's and phones, as these files could be anywhere from 2MB to 5MB each.

Though you could use any number of tools to resize photos, we've found the following tool particularly useful for Windows users:

Once you've installed this tool - you can select all your photos and right click to see a new option called 'Resize pictures' - see below:

Clicking this will bring up the following dialogue.

We recommend setting the image size to Small, and it might also be useful to replace the originals if you have backups, as the duplicate resized photos will be placed in the same folder.

Once you've optimized all the photos you need, you can now upload them much faster to Property Inspect!

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