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Integrating with Acquaint
Integrating with Acquaint

Integrating with the Acquaint CRM to handle Sales & Lettings, Property & Contact Management, Marketing, Diary and Client Accounting.

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If are an existing Acquaint customer, you can integrate your account with Property Inspect to seamless handle customer relations.

On Acquaint

To integrate your Property Inspect account with Acquaint, please navigate to your Acquaint account and follow the directions below:

In Acquaint click File > Third Party Authentication > Enter your Property Inspect account credentials (you only need to do this once) and Acquaint will then upload your property data on a daily basis. 

During the beginning of the day, Acquaint will upload any available, under offer and completed lettings properties to Inventory Base that haven't already been uploaded.

Using Property Inspect with Acquaint

Once an inspection is created using Property Inspect using the website or the app, when marked as Complete, this will trigger the report to be sent to Acquaint.

Acquaint will check and download inventory and inspection reports that have been marked as Completed within Property Inspect every half an hour. When Acquaint downloads new reports a Desktop Alert will be shown on the Users desktop. 

A Home Page Reminder is also displayed for 'Property Inspect - Reports To Review'.

When either the Desktop Alert or the Home Page Reminder is clicked the Property Inspect Reports screen will be displayed. 

This will show all downloaded reports that haven't been reviewed yet.

Double clicking on a row or clicking on the button in the Report field will load the PDF report. 

Clicking the Accept All button will mark all reports in the grid as accepted. 

The Property Inspect report will be stored against the Correspondence screen for the Property.

If you need any further support on the Acquaint integration, please contact Acquaint here

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