Want to setup regional hubs, departments that deal with specific inspections or managers that deal with specific clients? 

Now you can with our new advanced teams module. Setup user groups and assign your team members to them to filter what they can see or be notified about within Property Inspect.

Simply click Team at the top of the screen, followed by selecting on the Teams tab

From here click Add New Team where you can choose your Team's name as well as add a description

Once you select Add Team, you then have the option to add 'Team Rules' 

You can add the following rules:

  • Inspection Type: this only allows the team access to specific Inspection Types

  • Address City/County: this will allow the team access to addresses where the city of county match. This is a free typing field, so you can type the location in the text box

  • Address Postcode: this will allow the team access to addresses where the postal/zip code matches, with the ability to use a partial postal/zip code also.

  • Client: this allows the team access to specific clients. Choose one of your clients from the drop down menu.

You can add as many rules as you need to. If you made a mistake, simply delete the rule by selecting the bin icon 

Once you have finished adding Rules to the Team, click View All Teams to see a list of all teams created. 

What's Next?

Editing user details and permissions

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