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Recording Videos Using the App
Recording Videos Using the App

Use Property Inspect's new built-in Video recorder to film short clips or longer walkthroughs of your properties.

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SD/HD video recording is available as a premium add-on. Contact Support for more information.

Property Inspect's built-in video recorder makes highlighting niggly issues a breeze. Film a short clip of a wiggly door hinge or a window that doesn't close properly, or walk through the property to produce a video tour.

Video supports audio recording as well, so you can describe the item or issue you're recording while you're recording video. This makes it possible to produce an alternative type of dictated report, allowing you to capture stills from video later on.

To ensure that your account is set up to record video, please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your Settings tab at the top of your online dashboard > click on Reports

  • Scroll down to 'Video' and toggle 'On'

  • Open your Property Inspect app and click on the three bars to the top left of your screen

  • Click on Settings

  • Click on Fetch Online Preferences - wait until the wheel has finished turning (takes a few seconds)

  • Return to the report on the app to start your inspection

How to take your video:

  1. Go to the field in the report where you want to take the video, i.e., the kitchen > click on the blue + button and select 'Record Room Video'. Click on the the shutter icon at the bottom of your screen.

  2. The shutter icon will go red to indicate that it is recording; you can also see the time being recorded to your lower right.

  3. Once you finished with the recording, just click the shutter button again and the system will attach it to the section in the report.

  4. Record an item or testing of an alarm, then review the video to ensure that it has been correctly captured.

  5. You then sync as normal to see the report in your desktop report for any editing you may wish to carry out.

The video recorder supports touch exposure controls to adjust brightness during recording, and also lets you record in either portrait or landscape modes depending on the orientation of your device at the time you start recording.

It is also possible to add pre-recorded videos by selecting Add An Attachment

Once you've Synced (uploaded) the completed report, the interactive web report will allow the reader to click on video thumbnails which are automatically generated by Property Inspect and play back the video online.

The downloadable PDF will also link users to the video online when they click on the video thumbnails.

The online gallery, accessible via a special link and from PDF thumbnails will allow users to cycle through all of the embedded media in the report from a single page.

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