MsOffice Calendar is a time-management and scheduling calendar device which allows you to create and edit events and OneDrive allows you to store files in the Cloud so that you are able to sync files across all your devices as well as share files.

On Property Inspect:

To Integrate with MsOffice Calendar & OneDrive, head over to Settings and then click on the Integrations tab.

Scroll down to Google and select Connect Microsoft Outlook Calendar

This will then take you to the Microsoft webpage to sign into your account. Fill in your email address and password and click Next

Once you have filled in your login details, you will then need to click Yes to the following:

Once allowed, you will then be directed back to your Property Inspect account to confirm the integration.

Head over to to view your upcoming inspections, or you can download the app to your mobile device. This will automatically update when a new inspection is created, or you can select Force Sync Existing Inspections to sync across previous bookings.

For the OneDrive integration, PDF versions of your reports will be synced whenever a report is completed, signed or updated. You can view your reports at or on the app for your mobile device.

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