Setting up a Live Inspection

Live Inspections allow for real-time assessment and immediate problem resolution, encouraging operational efficiency.

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Property Inspect Live is a safe and secure way for inspectors/inventory clerks, property managers and landlords to conduct inspections of a property remotely.

Service providers will be able to view the property virtually without the need to enter the home, helping to keep tenants safe, maintain social distancing but still provide landlords and managing agents with vital information to keep the property and tenants safe and secure.

As the service provider, you will be able to ‘Enable Live Inspection’ on any report you create, prompting you to enter the participant’s name and email address. Once scheduled, Property Inspect will email the link to the session to the participant, which will be accessible from 10 minutes prior to the arranged appointment time.

Please note that this will only work using Google Chrome. The person at the property also needs to have the Live Inspection app downloaded onto their device:

To begin, create a new inspection as usual, but now you have an option to switch Live Inspection to ON to initiate and send a live inspection link.

Once this is switched on, a row will appear for you to add your Live Contact's details. This will be the person on-site with the live streaming app.

Next, complete the date, time and choose which clerk/manager will be working with the participant and filling out the report on Property Inspect.

Fill in any other details as required, and select Save and Continue. This will send an email to the contact with a unique code, which they will need to establish a connection on the app. You can also find this code on the INFO tab of the inspection

The tenant, client or third party user will receive an email containing their unique secret code to connect at the scheduled date and time. The user will need to download the app and enter in the unique code.

Click here for the guide on how to complete a live inspection as the viewer.

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