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Completing a Live Inspection as the Viewer
Completing a Live Inspection as the Viewer

How to join a live video stream and complete the report as the viewer

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Once you have set up the live inspection, and the participant has downloaded the app, you are now ready to begin the live inspection.

Firstly, the participant will need to enter the code into the app and click on the Start Call button. You can read this guide here to help the participant if necessary.

Once selected, you will be prompted on the screen of your Property Inspect desktop dashboard that the participant is calling and ready to begin the live video stream.

Click the green answer button or Join Call to connect.

Whilst connected, you will see the video stream on the bottom left of the screen. As the service provider, it will be up to you to direct the tenant around the property. Open the Edit Report tab and begin editing the inspection by asking your usual interim inspection questions no different to when visiting the property in person, or follow the template of your report.

You can ask the tenant to take multiple pictures of the property as you discuss any issues or maintenance needs. The pictures will upload in the background and will then appear at the bottom of the Edit Report page under Property Images, ready for you to allocate to the appropriate question or field once uploaded.

To re-assign the images to the correct room and item, check the images and click Re-assign Selected

Once the call is complete, the tenant disconnects and the stream stops and no information will be stored in the app. When the video stream is finished, fill out your report including any actions and click Mark Complete when finished. The report will then be ready to view and share as usual.

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