Cannot Login

This problem could be down to a number of potential issues which will will explore in detail in this section of the guide.

No Internet

Check you can load a website in the device's browser, if you can load it without any issues please contact us and we will fix this quickly. If you are unable to load the 'test' website, please wait till you have a stable internet connection before attempting a sign-in again.

Account not Active

Login in to the website version of Property Inspect to reactivate your subscription online.

Account Blocked

Contact us and we will let you know the status of your account via our own internal systems. Once we have an understanding of why this happened we will contact you with the next steps to fix this issue.

Cannot fetch (download) a Report; No Reports Appear

This issue may also be down to an internet connectivity issue. Firstly, try the 'No Internet' step listed above. If the problem persists, please visit the options listed below.

Not logged in as Correct Person

You may be signed in as the wrong team member. Check your web dashboard to see who the assigned Clerk is, and the status of the inspection, which should already be assigned.

Not 'Accepted'

This normally means that the report has not yet been 'accepted' on the website version of Property Inspect. This can be easily fixed by clicking 'Accept' on the desired report on the website version.

This will only be a problem if the setting to Accept/ Decline reports is switched on.

Cannot fetch (download) a Report. Reports are Greyed Out

Another Report for the Same Property has been Downloaded

The fix for this is to remove or sync the existing report first. To do this, press & hold to get to the menu to remove the report from your device.

Cannot fetch (download) a Report. Stuck on fetching Inspections

Internet has dropped out

You may have a poor internet connection or lost connection entirely. Make sure to check your internet connectivity to your device.

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