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About Us: Property Inspect
About Us: Property Inspect
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Launched in 2015, Property Inspect is the sister company to InventoryBase designed for the International market. With a strong presence in the United States, United Kingdom & South Africa, and with an emerging presence in Australia and other strong markets around the globe.

Used primarily by commercial property management firms, Property Inspect works with facility and asset managers across the world. Also serving many other facets of the property industry, our expansive features mean there is a strong application for our software across multiple industries.

With trusted business development & sales team dotted around the world in our major regions, means that we have a localised feel and region specific working hours. This gives PropertyInspect global the adaptability it needs to always support its customers.

In recent times, Property Inspect has made some serious head-way; in the United States we are working with local government Municipalities & Principalities to supply our software to help meet the lawful criteria of the Housing & Urban Development (HUD) programme & the re-housing effort for America's homeless population.

In South Africa, we are working with the South Africa Home Inspection Training Academy (SAHITA), to train and supply software to the constantly-growing inspection industry. Five years on, South Africa still continues to bring forth great opportunities & is a pillar of our global effort that continues to expand.

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