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Stand Alone- and Update Reports

Explaining the key differences and benefits of using stand alone- and update reports.

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With the Property Inspect software you can customize reports to suit your business needs. One of the key areas is knowing when stand alone- and update reports can be used.

Stand Alone Reports

Stand alone reports allows you to complete an inspection from a clean slate, every time.

Update Reports

Update reports or inspections, allows a user to pull the information from a previous inspections, for example a move-in inspection, and make changes to the conditions the property is in at this point in time.

Update reports allow you to compare current data with the previous inspections data, or even the initial inspection.

These reports not only save you a great deal of time, but also takes the guessing out of trying to remember the initial condition of a property.

The software assists in the following ways:

Updates made to the master template as saved on the initial report, will pull through to every subsequent report. This means no more swiping away rooms that aren't applicable to the inspection.

Flags new items will show an orange indicator next to any items that have been added since the previous report.

Property Inspect New Item Flag

Flags changes to the condition of a item show an orange indicator next to any conditions that have changed since the previous report.

Property Inspect Conditional Change Flag

These report settings can be customized to suit your needs, by clicking on Settings on the main menu at the top, and click on the Reports tab.

Other key features that may be of use to you:

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