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Inspector Availability Maps
Inspector Availability Maps
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To learn the basics of how to utilise your availability maps, read this article:

Availability Range

  • Availability locations can now be deleted

  • Availability location updates are saved on blur, e.g. when the user clicks off the range or postal code fields

  • Default values for the range and postal code are used if users haven't added their availability yet, e.g. from the user's account's postal code

  • Once a user types in a postal code, to handle missing locations we now search:

    • first, within the account's country

    • second, the default country for the region (like UK for IB or US for PI)

    • finally, internationally

  • Errors are shown if availability locations cannot be found when searched for, i.e. could not be found within the account's country, within the region's country, or internationally

If a clerk is not allowed to edit their own availability, they will now be able to see it, just not edit it. (previously they couldn't see it at all).

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