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Add Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) to Properties (Great Britain Only)
Add Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) to Properties (Great Britain Only)

UPRNs allows you to add a unique reference number to each property in Great Britain for easy management of information across your business.

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Key Features: every type of addressable location and property can be assigned with a consistent 12-digit identifier. Traceable throughout the property's lifecycle, from planning through to demolition. Easy to navigate software, search your booking account using the property address or the UPRN.

Key Benefits: shown on the inspection page, the URPN will help you to plan your routes to property, minimize travel time, reduce expense claims and make efficient use of your resources.

Please contact Support to turn this feature on for your account.

Firstly, navigate to add a new property. If the Property already exists in your account, simply click on the Properties tab then search and click on the property followed by Edit Property Details.

Once the feature has been enabled onto your account, you will now see the UPRN data field when editing the property details:

To add/look up a UPRN for your property, click on the Lookup URPN button

Once you have finished updating the property details, select Save Property or Update Property

Searching for a Property by it's UPRN

If you would like to search for a property using its Unique Property Reference Number, head over to the Properties tab.

On the left hand side, click on the UPRN filter and enter the number to search and filter the associated property:

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