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Sync Report Data Points

Export specific data/fields from your reports back to store against your property and sync to third party software.

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Key Features: pull specific data such as meter readings, smoke alarm test results, sensor readings, to show on the report or main booking page.

Key Benefits: keep all parties up to date by automatically sharing the data as soon as the information is added to the report.

This feature will be available in 2022; if you'd like to know more about Conditional Logic, contact our Support Team.

This useful feature allows you to pull specific data from a report to reflect on the property, example: meter readings.

Add the relevant rules to your data fields on your report > select the item's field which is where it gets the value from, and then the property field which is where it will sync the value to.

The data will sync to the property when the inspection is completed, i.e., the meter readings will then show on the main page of the inspection (on your Desktop Dashboard) and on the report, so that the readings are always up to date.

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