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MRI PMX Configuration and Settings

Sync your actions, contacts, inspections and properties with MRI Property Management X.

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Once you have connected your MRI Property Management X account with Property Inspect, the following settings will need to be configured.

  • Property Search Settings

  • Contact Import Settings

  • Sync Settings

  • Inspection Update Settings

Property Search Settings

Import entities from PMX to Property Inspect by toggling on or off from the list. These include entities, buildings and suites for Commercial Management and properties, buildings and units for Residential Management.

Navigate to Configure Property Types to choose which Types should be excluded when syncing properties from PMX.

Deselect the Property Types to be excluded and select Save to continue.

Contact Settings

Tenants created in PMX will sync from PMX as Contacts associated with a property or unit in Property Inspect.

Contact Import Settings are available for configuration as follows:

  • Deliver: Send the final report to the contact when the inspection is marked complete

  • Notify: Email the contact when reports are booked or re-scheduled

  • Signee: Pre-fill contacts details to the signatures section to capture a digital signature

Tenant information including the PMX tenant reference will be available in Property Inspect and the Property Inspect App when the inspector conducts the inspection.

More information about Property Inspect contacts is available here:

Sync Settings

The sync settings allow you to choose whether inspections or properties should automatically sync daily from PMX to Property Inspect.

Inspection Update Settings

The inspection update settings allow you to manage the following 3 options.

  • Update Report Link: Generate a PDF report link as the inspection link when a PDF is generated.

  • Update Status: When the status change in Property Inspect, update the status in PMX.

  • Create Service Requests: Select if and when a service requests should be created based on actions flagged during an inspection.

Additional Resources to View:

Now that your integration settings have been configured, you can sync properties and inspections by following these steps.

Sync Properties

Click on the Sync Properties button, which will open up the below window.

Select Confirm to continue.

The properties will import from PMX to Property Inspect, showing the progress as follows:

Once all properties have successfully imported, you will see the below confirmation screen.

Sync Inspections

Click on the Sync Inspections button, which will open up the window below

Once all inspections have successfully imported, you will see the below confirmation screen.

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