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Schedule Weekly Analytics Reports for Automated Distribution
Schedule Weekly Analytics Reports for Automated Distribution

Share predefined analytics data on a weekly or month basis with your management team.

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Our Analytics Dashboard gives you the ability to consolidate specific data regarding your Inspections, Team members and/or Clients, allowing you to generate a report based on your desired data.

Helpful Articles to Get Started

The below articles will provide you with all you need to know to get started with Property Inspect analytic dashboards.

How to Create an Analytics Schedule

Now that you know how to natigate your way around the Analytics Dashboards, let's create a schedule to automate the weekly (or monthly) distribution of analytic reports.

Navigate to Inspections > Analytics > Saved Reports and click on the report you want to schedule.

Choose the Schedule Report option at the top of the screen.

Complete the Scheduler information as follows:

  • Provide the Schedule with a name.

  • Confirm the day you want the report to be distributed.

  • Choose the time the report should be send.

  • Add the email address of the recipients of the report.

To continue with the creation of the schedule, select Create Schedule.

Access and Edit Schedules

Analytics Schedules are available in the Analytics Dashboard, by click on the Scheduled Reports tab.

From here you have the ability to view, edit and delete a schedule.

The Recipient's Email

The recipient of the schedule reports, will receive an email on a weekly basis as configured in the system as follows:

By clicking on the Download Export Here button, you have the ability to view the report information in an easy to share CSV export file.

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