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Export and Share Analytic Reports
Export and Share Analytic Reports

In this Step-by-Step guide we show you how to export or share valuable analytics directly from the system

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Our Analytics Dashboard gives you the ability to consolidate specific data regarding your Inspections, Team members and/or Clients, allowing you to generate a report based on your desired data.

Helpful Articles to Get Started

The below articles will provide you with all you need to know to get started with Property Inspect analytic dashboards.

How to Export Analytic Reports

Navigate to the Analytics Dashboard.

  • Define the report criteria by making a selection from the left-hand sidebar as needed.

  • Select the Run Query button to generate the report.

  • Scroll to the end of the report and click on Export as CSV link.

  • The CSV file will be downloaded and available in your download folder for easy access and review.

How to Share Analytic Reports via Email

Navigate to the Analytics Dashboard.

  • Choose one of the saved reports to generate an analytics report.

  • Click on the Share Report button once the analytic results have been generated by the system.

  • Inspect the email address of the recipient and click Share Report to send an email.

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