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Importing Options

Practical tips to help you import all of your company data from a CSV sheet into Property Inspect.

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Gettings started with Property Inspect is easier than you think. We have giving you the ability to import just about every entity and stakeholder in the system - allowing you to do what you do best while the system does the hard lifting in creating what you need in the software.

Importing Options

On the dashboard, click on the down arrow next to Add New Inspection, followed by


Here you have the ability to import the following:

  • Inspections

  • Properties

  • Property contacts (i.e. tenants)

  • Clients (i.e. owner or landlord)

  • Staff

  • Dictionary

  • Asset Library

  • Price List

Sample Sheets

In each of the import tabs, you will find a sample sheet, referencing the columns needed for importing purposes.

The blue text boxes will also provide critical information in terms of the minimum required or mandatory fields when importing data.

Now that you have the needed sample sheet, take some time to configure and update the sheet with your business data and return to the same page to import the data in bulk.

๐Ÿ’ก The sheet you import from Excel or Google Sheets need to be in a CSV format.

How to Import the Updated Sample Sheet

On the dashboard, click on the down arrow next to Add New Inspection, followed by


Select the tab based on the file you want to import into the system.

Review the configurable fields in order for Property Inspect to read the information on your screen correct. For example: match the date format in PI with the date format used in your CSV file.

Drag and drop or select the import sheet from your computor.

The green tick mark towards the left of the table gives you an indication that the information on your sheet is acceptable in the system.

Scroll from the left to right of the screen and review the column heading auto-selected by the system with the column headings on your sheet.

If the columns are not in the correct order, or the headings are not correct, you can change the column heading from the drop down arrows:

To finalise the import, scroll to the end of the page and select Confirm to start the import.

The import can take a minute or two, depending on the nature and size of the import sheet. Once the import has been finalised, Property Inspect will notify via email that the import has been completed and if there were any failed item on your import sheet.

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