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Linking an Image to an Action
Linking an Image to an Action

With out latest feature update, you can now link your uploaded images to be associated with a specific action that you have flagged.

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Our latest update allows you to assign specific image attachments to any action issues you have flagged on your report. This allows you to visually highlight and explain the issues, making it easier for others to understand and address them effectively. This feature is currently only available on the Enterprise plan.

โœ๏ธ How to associate images to a specific action?

1. Navigate to your Settings on your online dashboard >> click on Reports >> scroll down to 'Actions and Liabilities':

2. Tick the option to 'Show linked attachments after each action'.

3. Thereafter, navigate to the inspection you are working on and click on the 'Edit Report'.

Navigate to the item that you want to flag an action on >> click on the action triangle to add your action:

4. Once you add your action, you will see the camera icon on the right side of the block >> click on the camera icon:

5. Once you click on the photo icon, you will then see all of the images that are assigned to this item.

6. Tick the image(s) you want to assign to the Action you have flagged and then press 'Save':

7. Make sure to press 'Save' after you add your specific actions on this flag.

8. Any images linked to actions will now appear directly under the action on the report:

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