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Enabling Additional Comments

Tenants and Third Parties can add feedback to a report in the Additional Comments column

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The new and improved Commenting feature in Property Inspect allows all recipients of the report, including your tenants, to add their comments alongside items throughout the report. This saves the burden of typing up notes against reference numbers, keeps everything in one place and allows you to reply to reader comments and resolve disputes about findings in your report faster.

To enable the Additional Comments feature, go to Settings on the top menu and click on the Report tab to view report settings.

Scroll down to Tenant Feedback and here you'll see an option to 'Allow tenants comment', toggle to Yes to enable.

When Tenant Feedback is enabled, your web-based reports will display an additional column beside the condition column on all rooms and items.

If you prefer for comments to be underneath rows of items within the report, rather than in the side column, you can switch your settings to display Feedback sections 'Underneath' items.

On Move In reports, comments not removed before a report is completed and closed will be copied through to Move Outs as reminders, so that they can be seen by the Inspector at the next inspection and appropriated accordingly.

If preferable you can forward this guide to your tenants to show them how to sign a report online and add their feedback and supplementary photos.

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