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Once logged in to the Property Inspect Dashboard, click Inspections on the top menu, and select ‘Add New Inspection’ on the top right of the page.

The first step will be to enter a new property address or select an existing one. Enter the property postcode, address line 1 and city at a minimum. There is also additional property information to enter if you click 'Show More Details'. Once complete - click Save & Continue.

The next screen will ask you to enter the Inspection Details. Select the type of report – Inventory, Move In, Move Out, Inspection etc – then select your preferred date and time for the Inspection to be scheduled, followed by notes specific to the Inspection like Location of Keys and additional details.

Click Save & Continue to complete creating and scheduling the Inspection, which will be placed as ASSIGNED, unless you have additional inspectors and chose not to assign it yet in which case it will be PENDING.

Access inspections by clicking on the Property address under your Inspections tab. If the inspection is ASSIGNED to you, you can now swipe down on your mobile App to begin the inspection offline.

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