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Dictating Reports with Audio Recordings
Dictating Reports with Audio Recordings

Use the built-in Audio Recorder to dictate observations for reports using the Property Inspect app

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Property Inspect's built in audio recording and playback tools make it easy to whip around a property and record observations while taking photos to reduce the time spent on-site or in heavily furnished properties. 

To begin a recording, navigate into a room to get to the Items list, then tap on the blue Plus button on the bottom right of the page:

Tap on the Microphone button in the centre of the Audio bar to begin recording. You may need to grant your device permission to use the Microphone if you're using iOS. 

The bar will turn red and remain red while recording. You can see the total audio recording time listed on the right of the red bar.

To pause recording, tap on the Pause button the centre of the Audio bar. 

The audio clip will be saved and available to play back at the bottom of the page. You can record multiple clips which will play in-order within the Audio player.

To delete an audio clip, tap on the List button on the right of the Audio player and swipe the clip you want to remove to the left which will reveal the Delete button. 

When you navigate to the next room/areas, the Audio bar will be open ready to record audio for items within this room.

Once the report is Synced (uploaded) online, you can play back all the audio files you recorded in-app and type the report as you listen through using Property Inspect's online report editor, or submit the report for processing to a designated typist. 


The audio player on the web dashboard has an easy Close button now located at the end of the play > giving you a quick way to toggle off the audio player if necessary:

See 'Working from Audio Dictations' for more on typing up dictated reports yourself. 

Property Inspect also offer built-in Transcription with 72 hour, 24 hour and same day turnaround times for as little as 35p per minute of audio. 

Read more about Property Inspect's Transcription service here

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