Property Inspect now has built in SMS to allow you to notify tenants or occupants of a property in advance of an inspection. 

Using the existing Notify Contacts feature (See Adding contacts and recipients) - you can enable automated SMS notifications via the Contacts window:

Notify must be selected and a contact must have a valid mobile number in order for the SMS option to be selectable. 

If you're creating a new inspection, SMS notifications won't be delivered until the inspection is Assigned and Confirmed and it's within 24 hours of the conduct date. 

If you're booking an inspection for the same or next day, SMS notifications will be sent straight away. 

If the conduct date is in the future, we'll automatically send the SMS 24 hours before the visit time. 

Each single SMS costs 8p, you can also purchase credits in bulk which will reduce the price per SMS to as little as 4p. Contact support for bulk credit purchases. 

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