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Provisionally Booking an Inspection as TBC (To Be Confirmed)
Provisionally Booking an Inspection as TBC (To Be Confirmed)

Delay notifications sent to Tenants and Clients until the appointment has been confirmed

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When creating an Inspection, if the date or time has not yet been confirmed, it is possible to provisionally book it into the Clerk's diary without email notifications being sent out until it has been marked as confirmed.  

Add the inspection as usual, it will be shown as Confirmed by default, toggle off to Unconfirmed to delay any confirmation emails to tenant.

This will then show on the info tab of the Inspection as NOT CONFIRMED

In the Calendar view, it will show with a red border

As well as with the text "TBC"

To switch the Inspection to Confirmed, this can be edited on the Info tab of the inspection next to the Conduct Date. 

Fetching the Inspection to the Property Inspect app or starting the report online will auto switch to Confirmed.

Once toggled onto Confirmed, this will then trigger the 'Notify' email to contacts.

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