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SMS Notifications for Inspections

Notify tenants and clients to confirm property visit dates and times automatically with our SMS option.

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Property Inspect offers a convenient SMS notification feature, allowing users to automatically notify tenants and clients about upcoming property visit dates and times. This feature streamlines communication, reduces manual follow-ups, and ensures all parties are informed and prepared for inspections, enhancing overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

How to send out SMS notifications on your inspections

  1. Using the existing Notify Contacts feature (See Adding contacts and recipients) - you can enable automated SMS notifications via the Contacts window:

2. The Notify option for the Contact(s) must be ticked, and the Contact(s) must have a valid mobile number in order for the SMS option to be selectable.

  • If you're booking an inspection for the same or next day, SMS notifications will be sent straight away.

  • If you're creating a new inspection, SMS notifications won't be delivered until the inspection is Assigned and Confirmed and will only send out to the Contact within 24 hours of the conduct date.

  • If the conduct date is in the future, the Property Inspect system will automatically send the SMS 24 hours before the visit time.

Cost of the SMS notification

Depending on your region, we charge these messages at:

  • R1 (South Africa);

  • 8p (United Kingdom);

  • 5c (Australia);

  • 4c (United States)

You can purchase credits in bulk which will reduce the price per SMS to as little as 4p. Please contact our support team for more help with adding your bulk SMS credits.

Bulk SMS pack (per SMS credit)

SMS credits in bulk


0 - 100




1000 - 10000

If you would like to purchase a SMS credit pack for more than 10,000 SMS credits, please contact your account manager directly.

💡 Contact our Support team for bulk SMS packs in your region's currency.

Low SMS Credits Threshold

This update to our SMS credits will allow you to set a 'low SMS threshold limit' for your account.

As soon as the SMS credits on your account drop below the number you set, you will be sent an email to let you know that you are below your set threshold.

Sending SMSs to International Numbers

Navigate to the Settings tab at the top of your online dashboard >> under the General tab, scroll down to the bottom of the page >> you will see the Phone Number Input Format option:

You can then choose if you want the phone number format to support international numbers. If you select the International option, you will see the international calling code list of options next to the phone number field:

If you enter an international phone number(s), the system will save the values in international format. This allows us to handle sending international SMS messages.

💡 Contact our Support team to enable the International SMS on your account.

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