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Merging Duplicate Properties
Merging Duplicate Properties
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If you've inadvertently created duplicate addresses in your Property Inspect account, you now have a way to merge these together while retaining all the reports and history for both properties.

To use this feature, navigate to one of the property records and you'll see a blue 'Merge property' link on the upper right of the page:

Tapping on 'Merge property' will search all other properties with a similar address and allow you to check which ones you'd like to merge together. 

This will retain all report history, reports, notes and uploads from each property and combine them into a single record. 

Pro-Tip: If you have numerous duplicate properties, it may be worthwhile to export the list of your properties, by clicking on the download CSV link on the properties tab, updating the address lines to be an exact match and reimporting the spreadsheet.

When importing the updated sheet here:, be sure to enable the "update properties if already exist" toggle, this will simply update the address field for each property.


Properties will only successfully merge together if the addresses for each are the exact same, i.e., wording, spacing, etc.

Please double check that the addresses are the same for the properties before conducting the merge.

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